Provisioning of Smart Help in OS Portal™

Smart Help has been set up to be provisioned automatically in Infor OS Portal, eliminating most of the provisioning steps needed in Infor Ming.le.

In Infor OS Ming.le™, Smart Help needed to be provisioned by:

  1. Creating a customer environment
  2. Adding Smart Help to Infor Ming.le
  3. Adding the API to IONAPI so that the Smart Help API Suite is enabled for the tenant
  4. Completing adoption and set up tasks for Smart Help in Infor Ming.le

In Infor OS Portal, the Smart Help widget is enabled for all applications and users out of the box. This means that tasks such as adding Smart Help to the Ming.le Registry, assigning security roles, and turning Smart Help on for each application, are no longer needed.

Since Smart Help offers a whole suite of content features, the Smart Help widget is available even if product documentation has not been enabled for Smart Help. With Smart Help being a widget in Infor OS Portal, Smart Help is always available in the OS Portal interface. Clicking the Question Mark (?) icon in the panel on the right of the interface opens the Smart Help panel.