Adding the Context Viewer in Portal

You can enable the Context Viewer widget for your product application or widget workspace. This allows the Context Viewer widget to be accessed for that product or workspace from the Insights tab in OS Portal.

Note: See the Infor OS Portal User Guide or the Infor OS User and Administration Documentation Library for more information on widgets in OS Portal.

To add a widget to an application or workspace, you must first create an Insight Group to which you add your widgets; you then can add the Context Viewer. Alternatively, you can browse for existing Insight Groups and apply them to your application view.

Note: These steps are for adding the Context Viewer in OS Portal. See Enable and configure the Infor Ming.le™ Context Viewer.
  1. Navigate to your application and open the smart panel.
  2. Click the Widgets icon. The Set Up Insights panel displays.
  3. Click +Add.
    Optionally, you can click Browse and search for existing Insight Groups.
  4. Specify a Name for your Insight Group from the Add Insight Group window.
  5. Click OK.
    You are now using this Insight Group. An Insight Group Selector displays at the top of the panel. You can click the Insight Group Selector to select a different Insight Group, add a new group, or browse existing groups.
    Context Viewer_Insight Group_Add Widget
  6. Click +Add Widget. The Widget Catalog displays.
  7. Select Context Viewer from the catalog. Typically, the Context Viewer is listed in the Recommended section. You can also use the Search field to search for the widget.
  8. Click + Add Widget.
    The Context Viewer is added to your Insight Group.