File status

The File Status functionality allows you to track the communications through the Supplier Exchange gateway. When a file is imported to or exported from Supplier Exchange, an entry is created on the file status page. You can use the Communications File List page to review the file status details. The Status field indicates success or failure of the file transfer and the Stage field indicates at which stage the file is in processing.

If the file status indicates a failure, the file did not process properly. The stage indicator allows you to determine the point at which the process failed. The corresponding message explains the reason for the failure of the file processing.

If the file status indicates success, but the stage is not set to the final success stage, an undetermined error occurred. If you are in a hosted environment, contact customer support. If you are running an enterprise environment, review the Gateway log files for a STACK and ERROR, found in the second column of information, and notify support. It is likely that the success message is a false one if the last stage reported is not from the end portion of the list.

If the file status indicates Success with Exception and the Stage field is set to Import File Stored with Exception, the files that are not processed partially are displayed. The Stage field indicates that the failure occurred during the processing of data from the original file to the file to be transferred.