Adding or modifying Tenant

Use this page to specify or modify the tenant details such as the tenant ID and description, database type, and name and database port.

  1. Select Setup > Tenant Maintenance.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Specify this information:
    Tenant ID
    The code of the tenant.
    Tenant Description
    The description of the tenant.
    Database Type
    The type of database used for the tenant. Possible values:
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
    Database Server
    The name of the database server.
    Database Name
    The name of the database.
    Database Port
    The database port number.
    User Type
    The type of database user. Possible values:
    • Admin
    • User
    User Name
    The user name of the database user.
    The password of the database user.
  4. Click Save. You can use the Inactivate option to make the status inactive.