Managing exceptions

Follow these steps to manage exceptions made to the pricing data:

  1. Select Menu > Setup > Strategy > Prices and select Manage Exceptions.
  2. Specify this information:
    Enter a unique name for the exception.:
    Select the date range for the exception.
    Day Of Week
    Use the check boxes to select the days you want the exception applied to.
    Number of Guests Differentials / Room Types Differentials
    Select # for linear or % for non-linear.
    Number of Guests
    Use the check boxes specify the occupancy for all room types.
    Copy From
    Select from where you want to copy the pricing data.
    Price Simulation
    Set to 0 by default and cannot be changed.
    Room Type
    This field is populated by the pricing data from the PMS.
    The lowest price you want to set for the room.
    The highest price you want to set for the room. Must be higher than the floor price.
    The price differential you want to set for the room.
    Note: Additional columns will be visible according to your selection in Number of Guests. The mandatory number of guests, single or single and double, is dependent on the reference number of guests set up when you first set up the property.
  3. Select Save.