The Events screen displays the list of defined events for the selected hotel. In this context, an event is a period of time that can affect either the hotel pricing or analysis.

Navigate to Menu > Setup > Events.

To add an event, select the + icon. To edit an event, select the Edit. To delete an event, select the Trash

These event types are available:

An event within or near to the hotel.
Closed Property
A period of time where the hotel was closed. For example, due to repair or off-season.
Bad Data
A period of time when a technical issue affected the data. For example, broken snapshots.
For each event, these details are displayed:
Event Name
The name of the event.
Event Type
The type of event.
Start Date
The date the event started.
End Date
The date the event finished.
Within each column of the table header these details are displayed:
  • Search field: Specify the text or value to look for.
  • Filter icon: Select to filter results according to the criteria.
Select the + icon on the upper right side of the screen, to add a new event.
Note: If you are connected using a simple user profile (IPD-User), you cannot add an event.

Select ... to reset filters or personalize columns.