Editing room types

  1. SelectMenu > Setup > Configuration > Room Types.
  2. Select a property using the Property selection menu.
    You can search for a specific property in the Search box, or specify the PMS code.
  3. Find the room type to edit, then select Edit.
    To search for a room type:
    1. Choose a column then specify the text or value in the Search field.
    2. Select Filter icon, then select the search criterion from the list.
  4. Specify this information:
    Room Type
    Specify a code for the room type. The code must be unique.
    Specify a description for the room type.
    Reference Room Type
    Links the selected room type to a reference room type. If gray, the selected room type is already a reference, and Is Reference has a tick ().
    Specify the inventory value.
  5. Select Save.