Market Radar

Note: This widget is not displayed if the selected property does not have a competitor set.

This widget can help you understand how your competitors are pricing themselves, identify what would be their typical price range, and forecast how would they be moving.

For each date the widget provides these insights:

Competitor index
It indicates the impact that your competitor has on the selected date. The higher the impact, the darker the shade of blue.
Typical price range
This can help you understand whether your competitor is on the lower or higher side of their typical range. These details are displayed:
  • The gray line indicates the price range for all the competitors. This can help you understand where this competitor stands versus the rest of competitors.
  • Competitor lowest typical rate is displayed on the left side of the typical range.
  • Competitor current rate is displayed in bold black.
  • Competitor highest typical rate is displayed on the right side of the typical range.
Typical price move
It indicates when the competitor will change prices.
  • A downward arrow (˅) means a decrease in price is forecast in N days.
  • An upward arrow (˄) means an increase in price is forecast in N days.
  • An equal sign (=) is displayed if no price movement is forecast for a competitor.
Note: If the competitor is closed, the widget does not display the current price compared to its typical range. Closed will be displayed instead of the typical price move.

These icons which competitor data is available. If an icon is gray, then no data is available:

  • BAR: If this icon is blue, then the rate is BAR.
  • Cup: If the cup icon is blue, then the rate includes breakfast.
  • Bed: If the bed icon is blue, then room type data is shown. A red asterisk (*) indicated the room type has changed since the last shop.

For the selected property, you can override your competitors' prices and see the effects of your changes on the different KPIs. This automatically triggers a real-time optimization for the selected date.