Pickup Simulation widget

This widget dynamically displays these cards that represent the performance forecasts of the selected pricing decision against the RMS Price:

  • Room Night Forecast
  • Room Revenue Forecast
  • Room RevPAR Forecast
  • Room ADR Forecast

The first value on the card represents the forecast of the selected pricing decision. The second value represents the forecast variation - this is the variation between the forecast and the RMS Price.

The colors and orientation of arrows have these meanings:

  • A green upward arrow (˄) if the forecast is greater than that of the RMS Price.
  • A red downward arrow (˅) if the forecast is less than the occupancy forecast of the RMS Price.
  • An orange rightward arrow (˃) if the forecast of the selected pricing decision is equal to that of the RMS Price.
Note: You can change prices at individual room category level, but the simulation remains at property level.

The graph below the cards displays the constrained forecast in terms of occupancy for the selected date range.

It contains these charts:

  • A red line chart for Capacity
  • A blue line chart for Room Night Forecast
    Note: The blue line chart is not displayed if you specify a price out of the optimized price range.
  • A green line chart for RN OTB

The graph has these two axes:

  • Horizontal axis: For milestones. D-0 is the date you selected and is highlighted on the Carousel widget.
  • Vertical Axis: For the constrained forecast.

The slide graph displays the curve shape for all dates, from the current date until D-365.

You can filter on the dates by sliding the bars left or right.
Note: After you change the selected date range, the main graph is updated to zoom in on the selected dates.

The widget is updated only when you specify a price within the optimized price range, using the price stepper.