Historical Price Comparison

This widget dynamically displays these cards that represent the movement of the rates for the selected pricing decision against the RMS Price:

  • Current Price: The price that is already uploaded.
  • RMS Price: The RMS Price optimized by the system.
  • Market Price: The weighted average market price for system identified competitors based on their calculated impact for the specific day. This card is displayed for properties that have a competitor set.

The graph below the cards displays the average price of the property against the market price for the selected date range.

It contains these charts:
  • A navy blue line chart for Current Prices.
  • An orange line chart for RMS Price.
  • A gray dark line for the Market Price.
  • A gray area chart for Competitors Prices, where the lower bound is for the minimum prices and the upper bound is for the maximum prices.
    Note: The gray area chart and the Market Price are not displayed if the selected property does not have a competitor set
The price variation graph has these two axes:
  • Horizontal Axis: For milestones.
  • Vertical Axis: For prices.
The slide graph displays the curve shape for all dates, from the current date until D-365.
You can filter on the dates by sliding the bars left or right.
Note: After you change the selected date range, the main graph is updated to zoom in on the selected dates.

Select the Graph icon to include or exclude competitors.