Creating a template

Templates that you create are available to all users in your tenant.

You can create one template per site and locale combination. If you attempt to create a second template for a site and locale combination, a message is displayed when you save the template.

  1. Use one of these steps to access the Create Template form:
    • Select Create Template from the menu.
    • From the notification type details view, click Create Template.
  2. Specify this information:
    Template Name
    Specify a name for the template.
    Type Code
    Specify the notification type. If you accessed the Create Template form from notification type details, the notification type that you were viewing is displayed.
    Email is displayed. Email is currently the only available channel.
    From the list, select the locale where the template is used.
    Specify the URL of the site that sends the notification. Leave this field blank to use the template in all of your sites.
    Click the arrow and select the sender for this notification. When you click the arrow, a list of verified senders is displayed.

    See Senders.

    Specify the subject of the email. You can include placeholder variables in the subject line.
  3. In the Body field, specify the content of the email in HTML format. Syntax is highlighted.
    You can include variables in the content. The list of available variables is displayed at the bottom of the window. You can copy the variable and paste it into the notification body.
    The variables that are available depend upon the Rhythm product that you use. See the documentation for your Rhythm product for more information.
  4. Click Save.