Canceling a BOD event

Note: Contact Infor Support before completing this procedure. Infor Support can help you verify that a BOD event needs to be canceled.
Complete this procedure only if you are certain that processing of a BOD event has failed. At a minimum, ensure that these conditions are met before proceeding:
  • The event status is InProgress or Queued. Do not complete this procedure if the event status is Completed or Canceled.
  • The Started Processing date is outdated. For example, if the Started Processing date is one week before today's date, then the BOD event likely needs to be canceled.

If you cancel an event, a new event is created.

  1. To access the form, complete one of these steps:
    • From the dashboard, click BOD.
    • In the navigation pane, select Services > BOD.
  2. Click Cancel.
  3. In the dialog box, click Yes.