Multi-portlet overlays

Use the multi-portlet to divide a web page into sections. Each section can have its own content, including static content and widgets. You can use the sections to construct a "sticky" menu.
Note: When you add sections to multi-portlet, a URL is constructed. The more sections that you add, the longer the URL becomes. If the URL is greater than 8000 characters, then you will not be able to delete the multi-portlet from the page. In internal testing, 100 sections could be added to a multi-portlet without issue. If you are unable to delete a multi-portlet due to the length of the URL, delete the web page and recreate it.


You must be a member of the site to browse for an image or video in the Multi-portlet Overlay widget. As an alternative to browsing for an image or video, you can paste the URL link to the asset.