Adding text to the Alerts widget

  1. Complete one of these tasks:
    • Navigate to a page that contains the Alerts widget, click Add Alert.
    • Click the Applications and Control Panel button, then click the Applications tab. In the Communication section, click Announcements and Alerts. Click the Alerts tab.
  2. Click Add Alert.
  3. In the Title field, specify a title.
  4. In the Content field, specify the content of the announcement.
  5. To add graphics, videos, a table, or a horizontal line, select the text. Click Add, and then click the button for the type of content to add.
  6. Expand the Configuration section.
  7. Specify this information:
    Distribution Scope
    Select General.
    Leave this field blank.
    Specify a category for the content.
  8. In the Priority field, Important is displayed. You cannot select a different priority.
  9. Specify when to begin displaying the entry.
    • To display the entry immediately, select the Display Immediately check box.
    • To display the entry in the future, clear the Display Immediately check box. In the Display Date field, specify the date and time to begin displaying the entry.
      Note: Your time zone is used to determine when the alert is displayed. For example, an alert that is displayed starting at 1:00 PM in Central European Time is displayed starting at 5:30 PM in India Standard time. An administrator can verify your time zone.
  10. In the Expiration Date field, specify the date and time to stop displaying the entry.
  11. Click Save.