Specifying advanced site settings

  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Configuration > Settings
  3. Click the Advanced tab.
  4. Leave the fields in the Default User Associations section blank. See the documentation for your Rhythm product for information about user management.
  5. In the Google Analytics ID field, specify your Google Analytics ID.
  6. In the Maps section, select the type of map API that you use. If you click Google Maps, optionally specify the Google Maps API key.
  7. In the GA4 field, specify the script tags from Google. See the information about GA4 tags in the Google documentation.
  8. In the Recycle Bin section, specify this information:
    Enable Recycle Bin
    Slide the switch to YES to enable the recycle bin. Content editors can move unneeded content to the recycle bin. Discarded web content is retained in the recycle bin until the maximum age of the content is exceeded.
    Trash Entries Max Age
    Specify the length of time that discarded items are retained in the recycle bin.
  9. In the Content Sharing section, accept the default value. Subsites are not supported.
  10. Click Save.