Specifying advanced public page settings

  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Site Builder > Pages.
  3. Next to Public Pages, click the Configure button.
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. In the JavaScript section, optionally specify a script to run on each page.
  6. If you created multiple sites, optionally select the Merge check box in the Advanced section to combine the sites.
  7. Leave the Mobile Device Rules section blank. This functionality is not supported.
  8. In the Robots section, specify robots.txt information. Use robots.txt to control the pages in the website that web robots can index.
  9. In the Sitemap section, optionally click the Google or Yahoo! link to send the sitemap to them. Sending your sitemap to Google or Yahoo! can help make your site easier to find.
  10. Click Save.