Specifying page-specific look and feel settings

By default, pages inherit the theme and default style book of the website. You can override the theme and style book on individual pages.
  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Site Builder > Pages.
  3. On the card for the page that you are configuring, select More Actions > Configure.
  4. Click the Look and Feel tab.
  5. Optionally, override the default style book.
    1. Click Change Style Book.
    2. Click the name of the style book to use.
    3. Click Done.
  6. Optionally, override the default theme.
    1. Click Define a specific look and feel for this page.
    2. Click Change Current Theme.
    3. Select the theme to apply to the page.
    4. To display the header and footer on the page, turn on the Show Header and Footer switch. To hide the header and footer, turn off the switch.
    5. If you turned on the Show Header and Footer switch, use the Show Footer Menu in Mobile and Table View to specify where to display footer menus. To display the footer menu in desktop, mobile, and tablet views, turn on this switch. To display the footer menu in desktop views only, turn off this switch.
  7. Click Save.