Specifying general site settings

  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Configuration > Settings
  3. In the Details section, specify this information:
    Specify a description of the website. This description is for your reference and is not displayed to external website visitors.
    Membership Type
    Select Open. See the documentation for your Rhythm product for information about how to manage access to your site.
    Allow Manual Membership Management
    Slide the switch to YES.
    Parent Site
    Leave this field blank. Parent sites and child sites are not supported.
  4. The Custom Fields section lists fields that are specific to your Rhythm vertical. These fields are read-only. Contact Infor to set the value of the fields.
  5. In the Tags field, optionally specify tags to identify the content of the site. This field is informational only.
  6. In the Site URL section, specify this information:
    Friendly URL
    Specify the name of the homepage. This page is opened when a visitor opens the virtual host URL that you specify in the Public Pages field.
    Public Pages
    Specify the URL of the virtual host. This is the URL that visitors will use to open your website.
    Public Pages Language
    Specify Default Language. The ability to select a different language for public pages is not supported.
    Private Pages
    Leave this field blank. Private pages are not supported.
  7. In the Documents and Media section, switch Enable Directory Indexing to NO.
  8. In the Asset Auto Tagging section, switch Enable Auto Tagging of Assets on This Site to NO. Auto-tagging is not supported.
  9. In the Sharing section, switch Enabled to YES to allow web content editors to share content with other users for collaboration. Content editors can decide which content to share. Slide the switch to NO to prevent content editors from sharing content with other users.
  10. Click Save.