Translating web content

During the tenant provisioning process, Infor specifies the languages that are available to you. If you have access to more than one language, you can create translations for web content.

  1. Locate the content to translate. Complete one of these steps:
    • Navigate to the web page that contains the content. Select Web Content Options > Edit Web Content.
    • In the navigation pane, expand the menu under the name of the site. Select Content & Data > Web Content. On the card for the content, select Actions > Edit.
  2. Click the flag icon next to the name of the web content. A list of available languages is displayed. If a translation has not yet been created, then Untranslated is displayed next to the language.
  3. Select the language for which you are providing translations.
  4. Enter the content.
  5. If the content is ready to be used on the website, click Publish. If the content is not ready for publication, click Save as Draft. If you published the content, the last digit of the version number is increased by one.