Editing permissions for document types

Use permissions to specify the tasks that users can complete for documents associated with the document type.

  1. In the navigation pane, expand the menu under the name of the site.
  2. Select Content & Data > Documents and Media.
  3. Click the Document Types tab.
  4. On the card for the document type, select Actions > Permissions.
  5. Certain permissions are established by default and cannot be edited. For example, Rhythm Static Content Editor role can delete, update, and edit permissions. For other roles, specify these permissions:
    Users can delete the document or media.
    Users can edit the permissions for the document or media.
    Users can edit the document or media.
    Users can view the content on your website.
    We recommend that you reserve Delete, Permissions, and Update settings for the Rhythm Static Content Editor role only.
  6. Click Save.