Uploading multiple document and media files

After you upload multiple files, you can specify the characteristics of each file, such as the document type and description.

  1. In the navigation pane, expand the menu under the name of the site.
  2. Select Content & Data > Documents and Media.
  3. Click the Document and Media tab.
  4. If you use folders, navigate to the folder where you are adding the content.
  5. Select Add > Multiple Files Upload.
  6. Click the Select Files button and select the files to upload, or drag-and-drop the files to the upload box.
  7. Select the check box for the file whose characteristics you want to define. You can select more than one file.
  8. Specify this information:
    Optionally, specify a description of the content.
    Document Type
    Select the type for the file.
    Display Page Template
    Select No Default Display Page Template.
    Expand the Categorization section. Specify tags that will make the document easier to find.
    Click the Viewable By arrow to select the role of the users who can view the folder. To view additional security settings, click More Options.
  9. Depending on the document type that you selected, additional fields may be displayed. Specify information as required.
  10. Click Publish. The files that you selected in step 6 are saved.
    Note: Unpublished documents are retained until you manually delete them. Use the X button on the document card to delete an unpublished document.