Approving content

After content is created, use this procedure to approve it.

  1. Sign in as a content reviewer.
  2. Click the User menu and select My Workflow Tasks. The user menu is displayed in the toolbar at the top of the page. You might have to first access a form, such as the Web Contents form, before the user menu is displayed.
  3. If content has not yet been assigned to you, then click the Assigned to My Roles tab.
  4. On the card for the content, click More Actions > Assign to Me.
  5. Optionally, specify a comment and click Done. The content is moved to the Assigned to Me tab.
  6. Click the ID of the content.
  7. Use the buttons in the Preview section to view or edit the content.
  8. Click More Actions > Approve. The More Actions button is three vertical dots.
  9. Optionally, specify a comment.
  10. Click Done. The status of the content is updated to Approved.