You can now use Rhythm Notification Service to send these notifications:
  • Account Created Notification (with create password link)
  • Account Created Notification (without create password link)
  • Email Verification Notification
  • Password Changed Notification
  • Password Reset Notification

You can use Notification Service features to create these notifications in multiple languages. You can customize notifications by site. Default templates are available for each notification type.


  1. In the Notification Service, set up notification templates.
  2. In Rhythm Portal, select the Enable RNS check box on the General Configurations tab of the Rhythm Configuration form. This form is available in the Control Panel. Sign in as a tenant administrator to access this form.

Required action

Support for the current notifications in Rhythm Portal ends in May 2022. To continue sending user account notifications after May 2022, you must use Rhythm Notification Services.