Configuring Rhythm Services for product information management

Use the settings in the PIM group to specify the information that is required to connect Rhythm for Commerce to a product information management application.

  1. Sign in to Rhythm Services.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. If you use a product information management application that is not certified for use with Rhythm for Commerce, or to override the default information used in an inriver PIM integration, specify information in these fields:
    Specify the URL endpoint where the PIM BOD service posts BODs.
    Specify the user name of the account that is used to authenticate the BODs.
    Specify the password associated with the user name in the field.
  4. In the bod.process.max.retry field, Specify the number of times that an unsuccessful BOD will be reprocessed before Rhythm Services sends an Error BOD to Infor ION. The default value is 3. If you do not want to reprocess unsuccessful BODs, specify 0.
    The bod.process.max.retry value is valid for integrations with iPMC and other third-party product information management applications.
    You can administer Error BODs in ION Desk. See the Infor ION Desk User Guide.