Rhythm Portal widgets

Use widgets to configure core functions of the website, such as logging in, selecting a language, and navigating the website.

Depending on the Rhythm vertical, certain widgets may not be used. For example, Rhythm for Civics does not use the Rhythm Login widget. Refer to the documentation for your Rhythm vertical.

Certain widgets are embedded widgets. When you create a page, embedded widgets are added to the page automatically. These widgets are embedded:
  • Rhythm Language
  • Rhythm Login
  • My Account Dropdown
  • Rhythm Dynamic Header
  • Rhythm Dynamic Footer
  • Rhythm Social Media
  • Rhythm Footer Content

When you configure an embedded widget, the configurations that you specify are applied to all instances of the embedded widget. For example, if you set up the Pinterest link in the embedded Rhythm Social Media widget, then all pages that use the embedded widget also show the Pinterest link.

The Rhythm Login widget can be added as both an embedded widget or a standard widget.