Creating basic image content

  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Content & Data > Web Content.
  3. Select New > Basic Web Content.
  4. Specify a name for the web content.
  5. Specify the content properties.
  6. Place the cursor in the content field.
  7. Click the Image button. .
  8. Complete one of these steps:
    • To add a new image, drag and drop it or click Select File to upload it.
    • To select an asset from documents and media, click the item. Optionally, click the Edit Image button to edit the image. Then, click Add.

      For information about using the image editor, see Editing images.

    • To link to an image, click the URL tab. Specify the URL in the Image URL field.
  9. To format the image and provide alternative text, double-click the image. Specify this information:
    The URL of the image is displayed. To use a different image, specify a different URL or click the Browse Server button.
    Alternative Text
    Specify the alternative text to use with text readers.
    Width and Height
    Optionally, adjust the width and height of the image. By default, the width-to-height aspect ration is locked. Click the Lock Ratio button to adjust the width and height independently. Click the Reset Size button to revert the image to its original settings.
    Click an alignment option.
    Captioned image
    To add a caption to the image, select this check box. Specify the caption after you exit the Image Properties dialog.
    HSpace and VSpace
    To add space around the image, specify values in the HSpace and VSpace fields. Use the HSpace field to add space to the left and right sides of the image. Use the VSpace field to add space above and below the image.
  10. To open a link when the user clicks the image, select the image and then click the Link toolbar button.
  11. If the content is ready to be used on the website, click Publish. If the content is not ready for publication, click Save as Draft.