Resubmitting content for approval

If a content reviewer rejects content, then the content creator uses this procedure to resubmit the content.

  1. Sign in as the user who created the content.
  2. To view the comments that were specified when the content was rejected, click the User menu and select Notifications. The user menu is displayed in the toolbar at the top of the page. You might have to first access a form, such as the Web Contents form, before the user menu is displayed. The total number of unread notifications is displayed on the User menu icon.
  3. To review the notification, click the name of the notification.
  4. Click the User menu and select My Submissions.
  5. On the card that contains the asset that you are revising, click More Actions > Withdraw Submission.
  6. Locate the asset in the Web Content form or the Documents and Media form.
  7. Revise the content.
  8. Click Submit for Publication. The reviewer who rejected the content receives a notification that the content has been resubmitted.