Specifying basic web content properties

  1. Open the Site menu.
  2. Select Content & Data > Web Content.
  3. Select New > Basic Web Content.
  4. Specify this information:
    To specify your own ID, clear the Autogenerate ID check box and specify an ID in the field. To automatically generate an ID when you save the web content, select the Autogenerate ID check box and leave the field blank.
    Specify a description of the content.
    Default Template
    For basic web content, select Basic Web Content.

    For information about other templates, see Using content structures and templates.

    Display Page Template
    Specify No Default Display Page Template. Display page templates are not currently supported.
    Featured Image
    Optionally, select an image to use as a preview of the web content. The maximum size of the file is 50 KB.
    Specify tags that classify the content. This field is informational only.
    Specify a priority level for the content. This field is informational only.
    Friendly URL
    Optionally, specify the friendly URL for the content.
    Display Date
    Use the display date fields to specify when the content is displayed on the web site. To specify a start date and time, specify information in the Display Date fields. To specify an end date and time, clear the Never Expire check box, and then specify the date and time to stop displaying the content.
    Review Date
    Content reviews are not yet supported. Select the Never Review check box.
    The Liferay search feature is not supported. You can specify Yes or No.
    Related Assets
    Optionally, click the Select button and specify other assets that are related to the content.
    Specify who can view the content.
  5. Add the content.
  6. If the content is ready to be used on the website, click Publish. If the content is not ready for publication, click Save as Draft.