Content pages

Site editors can now create content pages. Use content pages to show static content.
Content pages are made up of fragments. A fragment is a predefined type of content or combination of types of content, such as a heading, paragraph, or heading with a paragraph. You can use these fragments to build content pages:
  • Rhythm Button
  • Rhythm Heading
  • Rhythm HTML
  • Rhythm Image
  • Rhythm Paragraph
  • Rhythm Card

You can also create your own fragments. Copy an existing fragment to use as a basis for a custom fragment. Use the Fragments form to create and review fragments. This form is located in the Design section of the Site menu.

After a site editor adds a fragment to a content page, the site editor or content editor can create the content. Editors can type content directly in the content page, or they can add preexisting web content. Editors can also create translated content.

Optionally, site editors can use the User Segments feature to customize a website visitor's experience with a content page. For example, site editors can set up a content page to display certain content to users who are signed in, and different content to users who are not signed in.
Note: User segments in Rhythm Portal are not the same as user segments in the Infor Rhythm for Commerce Business Center.


Several Lifeary fragments are available. These fragments do not use Rhythm styling.

You cannot place Rhythm widgets on content pages.