You can now design interactive forms and place them on your website. After website visitors fill out the forms, you can review the data and export it to a file.

To design forms, site editors and content editors use the Forms form, which is located in the Content & Data section of the Administration menu.

This table shows the key components of the forms feature:
Component Description
Elements Elements are the fields, such as text boxes, date fields, check boxes, and option buttons, that users interact with to fill out a form.
Element sets Use element sets to group elements that you commonly use together. For example, you can create a set for the elements that you use to collect a user's name, address, and email.
Rules Use rules to change the behavior of a form based on the user's response. For example, you can display fields only if a user answers Yes to a question on the form.
Data sources You can attach certain elements to APIs. For example, you can use an API to populate a list of countries. To use an API, you must be able to access it with basic authentication.

After a form is created, a site editor can add the form to a web page.

After website users submit the form, site editors and content editors can review and download the results.


Rhythm styling has not been applied to forms. Rhythm styling will be applied to forms in a future release.