Liferay 7.2

Rhythm Portal has been upgraded to Liferay 7.2.

This upgrade introduces a new, modern interface. The navigation menu is always accessible, which makes administering your website easier.

For more information about the differences in the interface, see the Infor Rhythm Portal 21.01 Upgrade Guide. This guide also lists actions that you might need to complete after deployment. View the guide on the Infor Support Portal at

Known Issues

These issues have been observed:
  • Personal menu. Several items in the Personal menu are not currently supported. When you attempt to access these items, you receive an error.
  • Notification email translations. Do not use the translation feature for email notifications that you set up in Rhythm Portal. The functionality is not supported.
  • Theme upload. To successfully upload a website theme, the theme must be built on Windows.
  • Alerts. Site editors can only delete their own alerts. In a future release, site editors will be able to delete any alert.