Upgrade to Liferay 7.3

Liferay, the underlying platform on which Rhythm Portal is built, has been upgraded to version 7.3 from 7.2.

Toggle Controls button

Site editors and administrators can use the Toggle Controls button to hide and show widget controls.

When controls are hidden, the display of the web page more closely approximates the end user experience.

When controls are displayed, site editors and administrators can access widget configurations.

This table shows the Toggle Controls button:
Button Description
Toggle Controls button set to hidden Controls are hidden.
Toggle Controls button set to displayed Controls are displayed.

Page Tree

Use the Page Tree menu in the navigation pane to view the pages in the site.

A screenshot of the Navigation pane

After you click Page Tree, a list of the pages in the site is displayed. From the list, you can view a page, configure an individual page, configure public page settings, and add a page.

A screenshot of the Page Tree

As part of this enhancement, the Select a Page menu that was displayed next to the page name in the toolbar has been deprecated.

Control Panel

The Control Panel has been relocated. To access the Control Panel, click the Open Menu button in the toolbar.

Screenshot of Control Panel menu button

After you click the button, control panel options are displayed:

Screenshot of the control panel

The organization of the control panel is similar in Rhythm Portal 2021.10 and Rhythm Portal 21.09, with these exceptions:
  • To access the Announcements and Alerts form, click the Open Menu button. On the Applications tab, Announcements and Alerts is located in the Communication section.
  • To access the Rhythm Theme Upload form, click the Open Menu button. On the Control Panel tab, Rhythm Theme Upload is located in the System section.


The option to display pagination at the bottom of the form is deprecated. Pagination is displayed at the top of the form only.

The use of the file upload component is not currently supported. We recommend that you remove file upload components from your forms before Rhythm Portal 2021.10 is deployed in your region.