Email verification during account setup

You can now require a new user to verify the email that is used to register for an account.

When the feature is enabled, two email notifications are sent to new website users. One email confirms the registration and includes a link that the user clicks to set up a password. The other email includes a link that the user clicks to verify the email address that was used during registration.

To enable this feature, contact an Infor representative.

If the feature is not enabled, then users receive only the email that confirms the registration.

If a user is created through Infor Ming.le, then the Infor Ming.le confirmation email is sent. Notifications from Rhythm Portal are not sent to users created through Infor Ming.le.

Implementation note

If you activate this feature, a verification email is sent to all existing users. Existing users must verify their email addresses before signing in to the web shop.


This feature is available for Rhythm for Commerce users only.


An Infor representative must complete this procedure.
  1. Sign in to Rhythm Portal as an administrator.
  2. Select Control Panel > Configuration > Instance Settings.
  3. In the Platform section, click User Authentication.
  4. Select the Require strangers to verify their email address? check box.
  5. Click Save.