Configuring Rhythm for Civics

If you log in to the Rhythm for Civics as an administrator, you can use the administrative tools to personalize the site. These are some of the administrative tasks that you can perform in the portal:

  • Add and remove widgets
  • Change the look and feel of pages and widgets
  • Reposition widgets on pages
  • Add images

Administrators can use two main tools in the back office to configure Rhythm for Civics: Infor Public Sector itself, and the Configuration Editor for the Infor Public Sector Rest Services site.

These configuration tasks are performed within Infor Public Sector:

  • Create user accounts
  • Specify which CDR application, condition, inspection, review, and hearing types are available in the portal
  • Make application fees payable in Rhythm for Civics
  • Specify which contacts can act as service providers
  • Specify which service request types are available in the portal
  • Create detail pages
  • Design templates for automated notifications

These configuration tasks are performed using the Portal configuration in the Configuration Editor:

  • Configure security features such as password requirements and reCaptcha. You can also specify whether users can create their own accounts.
  • Specify which payment methods are allowed for application fees.
  • Configure attachments
  • Configure reports
  • Enable the service providers feature. Service providers are designated contacts who can complete reviews and inspections in the portal.
  • Configure the CPQ wizard


Clients can work with Hook & Loop, Infor's in-house design agency, to further personalize the look and feel of their Rhythm for Civics sites. Hook & Loop can also add a menu item that calls an external website.


Rhythm for Civics supports reporting using either SSRS or Crystal Reports. You can configure reports for the CDR modules so customers can print their permits and licenses.