Titles on one-time payment page

There is a new option to show the application name for a CDR application in the One-Time Payment widget so users can more easily identify the right instruments.

In Infor Public Sector, the application name is specified in the A/P Name field for building, planning, project, or use applications, in the Business Name field for licenses, or in the Case Name field for cases.

A/P Name field in Infor Public Sector

If the Information check box is selected in the CDR system setup forms in Infor Public Sector, such as Building Permits System Setup, then the application name is shown in the search results for one-time payments in Rhythm for Civics.

Information check box in System Setup

The application name is shown after the application number in the search results.

A/P name in one-time payment

This feature requires Infor Public Sector October 2022 or later.