Elavon Converge configuration

To configure Converge you must first register with Elavon. You will need a test account and a production account. Elavon provides a merchant ID, user ID, and PIN that you will use to configure the provider in Infor Public Sector.

After registering with Elavon, log in to Infor Public Sector and open the Cashiering Setup form. Add a merchant account for Elavon Converge with these custom properties:

Property Value
Merchant ID Specify the merchant ID that you received from Elavon.
User ID Specify the user ID that you received from Elavon.
PIN Specify the PIN that you received from Elavon.
Redirect URL Specify the redirect URL for Elavon Converge.
Token URL Specify the token URL for Elavon Converge.
XML URL Specify the XML URL for Elavon Converge.
Vendor ID Specify sc100313.

Converge demo and production sites use SHA-2 certificates and require TLS 1.2 connections.

In the configuration settings for the Hosted Page Return widget, add these fields under Capture POST Data:

  • token (custom field added in Converge)
  • tendertype (custom field added in Converge)
  • ssl_invoice_number
  • ssl_txn_id
  • ssl_result_message