Configuring filters for Rhythm for Civics

  1. In Infor Public Sector, select System > Agency Personalization > Filter Code Setup.
  2. Under the Infor Business Objects node or the Agency Business Objects node, browse to an existing filter or add a new one.
    The filter that you select must use a property-based condition. Formula-based conditions are not supported in Rhythm for Civics.
  3. Select the Portal Setup tab.
  4. Click Add above the Portal grid.
  5. Select the portlet (widget) that the filter will affect.
  6. Specify this information:
    Specify the model for the filter.

    The popup for the Model field shows the data models that are associated with the selected portlet.

    Specify the property whose values are used to filter the target.

    The popup for the Condition field shows the properties of the model specified in the Model field.

    Specify the target that the condition applies to. This is the field whose values are filtered.

    The popup for the Target field shows the page controls in the portlet that you selected.

  7. Click Save.