Enabling address geolocation

The ags-find-address-candidates-mixin maplet can be used to improve performance of address searches in the map by using a geolocation service. To use the service you must enable this maplet and add it as a parent of the search maplets in Rhythm for Civics.

  1. Open the GIS configuration for your Rest Services site in the Configuration Editor.
  2. Under the MAPLETS node, browse to the ags-find-address-candidates-mixin maplet.
  3. Under the EVENTS node for the ags-find-address-candidates-mixin maplet, browse to the ags-find-address-candidates event.
  4. Add these options under the EVENT > OPTIONS node:
    Specify the app ID for the geolocation service.
    Specify the app secret for the geolocation service.
    Specify NZ or US.
  5. For these Maplet nodes, set the parent attribute to ags-find-address-candidates-mixin:
    • rhythm-civics-lookup-record
    • rhythm-civics-submit-record
    • rhythm-civics-wizard
  6. Save your changes in the Configuration Editor.