User impersonation

Administrators in Infor Public Sector can impersonate users in Rhythm for Civics, meaning that they can log in and troubleshoot issues with the users' profiles.

If user impersonation is enabled, a button providing access to the portal is shown on selected pages in Infor Public Sector, such as the Portal User InfoViewer. (The Portal User InfoViewer is shown when you click the Portal Account link for a contact information record.) By default the button text is Open Portal, but this can be changed to something different. The administrator in Infor Public Sector can click the button to go to the user's account in Rhythm for Civics.

To configure user impersonation, you must add a token authentication page in Rhythm for Civics. This page will use the Token Authentication widget to authenticate users who log in via user impersonation from Infor Public Sector.

See Token authentication page.

To configure the user impersonation feature in Infor Public Sector, use the Impersonation node in the PortalSetup configuration. You must specify one or more pages where the button will be shown and configure access to the Rhythm for Civics site.

See Configuring user impersonation.

Users must also be granted the Impersonation permission under Portal > Portal User > Portal Site in Access Control.

This feature requires Infor Public Sector July 2022 or later.