Rhythm for Civics can be configured to send log entries, via Rest Services, to Infor Public Sector.

To enable logging, log in to Rhythm for Civics as an administrator and click Rhythm Configuration in the Control Panel.

Then click the Configurations tab. Under Tenant Level, click the Edit button for Log Level. Specify one of these log levels in the Value field:

  • Success
  • Info
  • Warning
  • UserWarning
  • Error
  • Fault
  • UserError
  • Debug

The same log level should also be set in the Logging configuration in the back office.

The Services logger is used for log entries originating from Rhythm for Civics. Depending on your agency's configuration, log entries may be written to the database or to a text file on the server. To look up database logs, open Lookup System Logs (SLSL) in Infor Public Sector and select Rest Service from the Log Type list.

To review text file logs, look in the Log\Services directory within the Infor Public Sector directory on the application server.