Defining a report for the portal

To define reports in Infor Public Sector for use in Rhythm for Civics, use the General Reports node in the Reports Manager.

For more information see "Reports" in the Infor Public Sector Agency Personalization Administration Guide.

  1. Select System > Agency Personalization > Reports Manager.
  2. Right-click the General Reports node and select Add a report on this page.
  3. Specify this information:
    Display Text
    Specify a name for the report. The display text for each report must be unique.
    Report Type
    Select the report type.
    Note: If you are configuring a formula report, the report might not produce any output that is displayed to the user. For example, the formula might send an email rather than showing a PDF. If there is no report output, be sure to specify a message either in the Run Message field in the Reports Manager or within the report formula. This message will be shown when the user runs a formula report in the portal.

    If no report message is specified in Infor Public Sector, then Rhythm for Civics shows the default message specified in the DEFAULT_RUN_MESSAGE key in CIVICS_INSTRUMENT_DETAIL_en_US.xml in the translation override download.

    See Customizing text.

    For more information about formula reports, see "Formula reports" in the Infor Public Sector Agency Personalization Administration Guide.

    Crystal Enterprise reports are not supported in Rhythm for Civics.

    Business Object Component
    Specify the moniker of the CDR instrument type for which you are defining the report. For example, for building permits specify Hansen.CDR.Building.BuildingApplication.
  4. Specify other information depending on the report type.
  5. Select the Parameters tab and add ApplicationKey, LicenseKey, or CaseKey as a component list parameter.
  6. Click Save.