CPQ integration

Infor CPQ is used to create wizards for the Rhythm for Civics site.

The available wizards are displayed in the Wizard widget when a user clicks the Start Project link. Each wizard presents the user with a series of questions that help to determine what kinds of permits or licenses are required for the user's project. One or more new applications can then be started based on the information that the user has provided.

The wizards are based on rulesets that are defined in Infor Design Studio. See the CPQ documentation for detailed instructions on creating rulesets.

To configure the wizards, you must also create a project application type in Infor Public Sector. Applications of this type will be created when users submit applications through the wizard. The project application serves as a container for the other applications.

Note: The wizard project application should not be altered in Infor Public Sector. For example, adding applicants in the back office can affect the way application information is displayed in Rhythm for Civics.