AutoComplete configuration

In the AutoComplete configuration, you use components to specify the fields for which you are configuring AutoComplete.

Open the AutoComplete configuration for your Infor Public Sector site in the Configuration Editor. Select the COMPONENTS node and add a child COMPONENT node for each field. For a minimum configuration, add these attributes:

  • Index Manager Type: Specify Hansen.Core.IndexSearch.NetServiceIndexManager.
  • Index Search Type: Specify Hansen.Core.IndexSearch.NetServiceIndexSearcher.
  • Component Moniker: Specify the moniker of the component for which you are configuring AutoComplete. This will be the moniker of the agency business object used for the detail page.
  • Property: Specify the common ID of the property for which you are configuring AutoComplete. The combination of the Component Moniker and Property attributes specifies the field to which you’re adding AutoComplete. AutoComplete functionality will be available for any fields that are bound to this property.
  • Service Profile Name: Specify the name of the service profile that you previously created.