Hosted page payment gateway configuration

When Rhythm for Civics is in hosted page mode, the user is redirected to an external site where the payment information is taken..

To process a transaction, Rhythm for Civics sends a request to the web server to initialize a transaction, along with the fee information. The web server sends another web request to the hosted page payment gateway provider to set up a session. The web server generates a redirect URL based on the result from the initialization with the hosted page payment gateway provider.

The redirect URL is forwarded to the Rhythm for Civics and it will then redirect the users to the hosted page. Users complete the payments entirely within the hosted page. The hosted page takes the users back to Rhythm for Civics along with result information. The result along with the transaction information will be sent to the web server for evaluation. The web server validates the result with the hosted page payment gateway provider and returns a completed or failed register transaction to Rhythm for Civics.

Note: The hosted page payment gateway solution doesn't support authorize and capture. The payment must be completed before taking the users back to the Rhythm for Civics site.