One-time payments

Usually customers log in to Rhythm for Civics to pay fees, but it is also possible to make payments without logging in. These are known as one-time payments.

To make one-time payments, users click the One-Time Payment link in the header menu and enter the ID number of the application. Rhythm for Civics then shows a list of records that match the specified ID, and the user can select an application to make a fee payment.

To enable one-time payments, go to the Site Administration page and make sure the Show on the Header Menu check box is selected for the One-time Payment page.

See Site administration.

You can also require reCaptcha for one-time payments.

See Configuring reCaptcha.

Note: The one-time payment functionality requires the October 2020 ( update of Infor Public Sector, or later.

There are some additional settings for one-time payments on the Payment node under Setup > Fees in the Portal configuration:

  • The Allow URL Payment Sharing for Customer and Allow URL Payment Sharing for Public attributes on the Payment node indicate whether users can request one-time payments from someone else. If True, users will see the Request Payment button in the My Fees section of the Instrument Detail widget. They can click this button to email the one-time payment URL to the person who will pay the fee.
  • Set the Require Full Payment of Unpaid Balance attribute to True to indicate that users must pay the full balance when they make one-time payments.

These additional configuration attributes require the April 2021 ( update of Infor Public Sector, or later.

Application titles for one-time payments

To help users identify the correct applications when making one-time payments, you can configure Rhythm for Civics to show application titles in the one-time payment page. By default only the primary site is shown when the user enters an application ID. Showing the title as well can help users confirm that they are paying the right fees.

In Infor Public Sector the title is specified in the A/P Name field for building and use applications; in the Project/Phase Name field for planning and project applications; in the Case Name field for cases; and in the Business Name for licenses.

To show the titles for one-time payments, use the CDR system setup forms, such as Building Permits System Setup. On the Portal Setups tab, Instrument subtab, select the Information check box under Public Details Options.

Similarly, you can use the Location check box under Public Details Options to show or hide the application location information for one-time payments.

If you want to show the application title on receipts for one-time payments, you must also modify the receipt template.

See Receipt configuration.

Note: Showing application titles for one-time payments requires Infor Public Sector October 2022 or later.