Configuring the chat widget

Rhythm for Civics supports the chat widget. If the widget is enabled, the icon is shown in the bottom right corner of the page. Users can click the icon to begin a chat session. icon

To configure the chat widget you must first create an account at, which provides the basic JavaScript code for the widget. You can then copy the JavaScript and use it to create web content in Rhythm for Civics. The last step is to apply the web content to the Rhythm footer, where the chat widget will be displayed.

  1. Log in to Rhythm for Civics using a tenant admin account.
  2. In the Rhythm admin menu, select Content & Data > Web Content.
  3. Click New and select Basic Web Content.
  4. Enter the widget code in the Content field.
    First click the < > Source button to open the text editor, then paste in the widget code from
  5. Select the Autogenerate ID check box.
    You will use the autogenerated ID to enable the content. After you save your web content, you can open it again to copy the ID.
  6. Click Publish.
  7. Open the web content that you just added and copy the autogenerated ID from the ID field.
  8. Navigate back to the home page and open the configuration settings for the Rhythm Footer Content Portlet.
  9. Paste the autogenerated web content ID in the Journal Article Id field.
  10. Click Save.