Inspection request feature

Customers can use Rhythm for Civics to request inspections for their applications and licenses.

You can also allow public users to request inspections. There are two ways to configure this feature:

  • If you have enabled the Use Back-office for Inspection Behaviors feature, use the CDR system setup forms in Infor Public Sector, such as Building Permits System Setup. On the Portal Setups tab, Inspection subtab, select the Scheduling check box under Public Details Options.
  • If you have not enabled the Use Back-office for Inspection Behaviors feature, select Allow public to request an inspection in the configuration settings for the Inspection Detail and Instrument Detail widgets.

Request Inspection widget

To help users submit inspection requests, Rhythm for Civics offers a Request Inspection widget. This widget is not deployed out of the box, but you can add it so your customers can use it.

See Request Inspection widget.

For example, you can add an Inspection Request page and then add the Request Inspection widget to that page. Select the Show on the Header Menu and Show on the Footer Menu check boxes to add a Request Inspection item to the header and footer menus.

See Adding a page.

There is also one setting on the Setup node in the Portal configuration that affects the Request Inspection widget. The Inspection Request Date attribute defines settings for the widget's Request Date field.

See Setup node.

Note: The Inspection Request Date attribute is available in Infor Public Sector Rest Services January 2022 or later.

You can also add your own generic labels to the Request Inspection widget.

See Adding labels.