Access control

With one exception, Rhythm for Civics doesn't use the access roles and permissions defined in Infor Public Sector. Instead, the portal site has its own access control mechanisms.

First, when you define CDR application types and service requests in Infor Public Sector, you can specify which are available in Rhythm for Civics. You can specify which application types and request types are shown in the portal, and which can be submitted through the portal.

Second, the Portal configuration includes various settings that define permissions within Rhythm for Civics. In particular, the Security node can be used to filter the records that are shown in the portal, and to grant access to specific objects.

See Security node.

Finally, access control can be set on individual widgets. For example, the Instrument Detail widget has configuration settings that define which data customer and public users can see, and which actions they can take, such as editing contact information or adding attachments.

See Configuring widgets.

The exception is that the IPS user specified in the Portal configuration must be granted access to the EDM providers and document types that you want to use for attachments in Rhythm for Civics. This only applies if you're using Infor Public Sector 11.2 or later.

See Attachments in Infor Public Sector.