Maintenance mode

If your Infor Public Sector site is taken down for maintenance, Rhythm for Civics will also become unusable. You can take your Rhythm for Civics offline temporarily by putting it in maintenance mode.

Log in to Rhythm for Civics as an administrator and click Rhythm Configuration in the Control Panel.

On the Configurations tab, under Tenant Level, use these keys to enable maintenance mode:

  • To put your site in maintenance mode, set the Maintenance Mode key to True. The site will show a message that it is undergoing maintenance, and only admin users and designated maintenance users will be able to log in.
  • You can use the Maintenance Users key to specify a list of users who can log in to Rhythm for Civics when the site is in maintenance mode. These are in addition to the admin users, who can always log in. The purpose is to allow the maintenance users to test changes to your site before you put it back online.

You can customize the text of the maintenance message in the same way that you customize any of the standard text for your site. The message is specified in the MAINT_MODE key under SERVER_ERRORS in CIVICS_COMMON_en_US.xml.

See Customizing text.