Adding asset layers

  1. In the Configuration Editor, open the GIS configuration for your Rest Services site.
  2. Browse to the rhythm-civics-cdr-new-location-view node under the MAPLETS node.
  3. Add the MAP node under the rhythm-civics-cdr-new-location-view node.
  4. Add the LAYERS node under the MAP node.
  5. Add a child LAYER node under the LAYERS node and specify this information:
    Specify the code for the asset type.

    See "Common monikers and asset type codes" in the Infor Public Sector GIS Administration Guide.

    Specify False.
    Specify Hansen.AssetManagement.Asset.
    Specify False.
    Specify the ID of the layer in the map service.
    Specify the display text that you want to show for the layer.
    Specify app/layer-factory/arcgis-tile.
    Specify the URL of the map service.

    We recommend that you use the same URL that is specified for the primary map server under the LOCALIZATIONS node for the rhythm-base maplet. Copy the Value attribute from the primary_mapserver_url node under LOCALIZATIONS > Resources.

  6. Add a child OPTIONS node under the LAYER node.
  7. Add three option nodes under the OPTIONS node, with these attributes:
    • id: layerType; value: rest
    • id: showLayers; value: Specify the index of the layer that you want to show.
    • id: visible; value: true
  8. Save your changes.